I thought I would write to you and give you an update on my progress with Migra Spray. I have been taking it for about a month now and have only experienced 2 headaches! I recently came back from a visit to New York for the 4th, and was in an environment full of smoke and pets. Normally, I would have a constant headache (even when I was using Zonegran). However, I only had 1 headache, which lasted 1 day. To me, this is amazing!

I want to thank you for getting me off Zonegran and recommending Migra Spray.

I continue to go and get adjustments at OFC- and at the same time I hope everyone in Atlanta knows how lucky they are to have you with them 🙂



I was diagnosed with hypertension after giving birth to my second child. I was also informed that it is very common after pregnancy and usually goes away on it’s on. This was not the case in my situation. During my 6 week post visit, I was rushed to the emergency room, baring a read of 150/92. I was instructed to follow-up with my primary care as soon as possible. My primary care aware of the situation, prescribed me meds to regulate my blood pressure. Problem fixed, right?

No, my primary care put me on meds that changed my mood and appetite. I was feeling these changes and decided to discontinue. This is not smart when you have the ”Silent-Killer” on your hands, BUT was very thankful that I did. My husband found Dr. Nasir who also informed me that I was to face many other side effects later in life and not only that, the meds were also unhealthy for a breast-feed baby. WOWf

Visiting Dr. Nasir, has changed my· life. With the knowledge given and natural treatment, I am felling better than ever and my blood pressure is not an issued at all. I am getting all the nutrition that I need, with NO side-effects. I am filled with thanks, for the GOD-SENT.

Simone S.


My time and experience at Alpha pro wellness has been nothing less than excellent. When I first came to the clinic I didn’t know what to expect or to think but after being here for weeks I knew that I had made the right choice to come here. Dr. F Nasir insured me that he would get me back to my normal self physically as much he could. He has exceeded that and I would recommend him to anyone that’s in need of a chiropractic doctor. I would like to thank Dr. F Nasir and the staff for all the hard work, dedication, and patience that they have not only for me but for other patients. Thanks for all your hardwork and motivation!!!

Mr. RJ M.


To whom it concerns,

Me and my wife were involved in an auto accident in October. We visited Dr. Nasir’s office for treatment for adjustments. The adjustments were great. The massages worked wonders. Within two to three days we were feeling better. Within six to eight weeks we were feeling 100% better. Dr. Nasir is very talented and a very friendly person.

Danny & Kathy


To Whom it may concern,

I Ronnie Hightower is very pleased with the outcome of Dr. Nasir’s work. I went to his clinic with a sprained back, neck, and shoulder. When I left the clinic I had no pain and nothing was aching on my body. I just want everyone to know how good of a Physician he is.

Ronnie H.