Dr. Faheem Nasir 

Dr. Faheem Nasir is a Atlanta chiropractic doctor who serves Atlanta and the surrounding communities in GA.
Dr. Nasir called the East Coastal region of the United States home. That’s where he attended university. He attended North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina and is a two time alumnus of Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Nasir embraces an overall wellness style that would benefit anyone. He is a champion for the five elements of health –exercise, proper nutrition, positive mental attitude, spirituality and regular chiropractic check ups. He compliments his wellness program with spending time with family, writing, reading, modeling, coaching and mentoring.

There is a profound reason that Dr. Nasir chose chiropractic as his life work. Indeed, his life was changed by chiropractic care. “Before receiving chiropractic care I used to get headaches all of the time. That was eight years ago. Now I can count on one hand how many times I have had a headache since then. When I feel like I’m about to get a headache, I know the reason it is about to happen and make the necessary changes. This is accomplished without the assistance of any medications”.

Once or twice a week Dr. Nasir receives adjustments. That regimen works well for him based on his exercise program and the nature of his work. It’s great that Dr. Nasir experienced such profound personal benefit from chiropractic. He opened Alpharetta Proadjuster Wellness Center after several business opportunities in Georgia and Michigan.